Management Services provides seamless, behind the scene support and tools to all HS departments assisting in their efforts to deliver quality services to San Bernardino County residents. Management Services provides support in the areas of accounting, auditing, budget, contracts, emergency services, finance, facilities, information technology, personnel, program development, program integrity, research, outcomes and quality support.


  • The Contracts Unit coordinated contract amendments for the Department of Aging and Adult Services which provided additional support for the purchase of vehicles to deliver meals to homebound elderly individuals.
  • The Emergency Service Unit launched the Emergency Response Codes system at HS locations to standardize and strengthen building safety protocols and increase business continuity.
  • The Facilities Unit supported the Transitional Assistance Department with space planning, design and construction project management of three new buildings.
  • The Research, Outcomes, and Quality Support (ROQS) Unit developed a position tracking system that monitors the caseloads and status of over 1,100 positions to support Children and Family Services’ (CFS) need to hire additional social worker staff.


  • The Finance Unit will work to provide additional mobile equipment for workers in the field to enhance the capabilities for CFS caseworkers.
  • The ROQS Unit will continue to provide CFS with objective data supporting initiatives to identify and implement best practices that promote safety and permanency for at-risk children.

Tanya Bratton
Deputy Executive Officer



legislative bills served,
analyzed, tracked and
monitored in order to
provide and sustain
viable programs to
address the needs of HS


processed hiring
transactions to strengthen
the workforce and ensure
prompt delivery of services
to people in need


completed case reviews to
ensure social services
programs are administered
effectively and efficiently
for county residents

Management Services is dedicated to assisting HS departments in the delivery of services by providing support in the areas of accounting, auditing, budget, contracts, emergency services, finance, facilities, information technology, personnel, program development, program integrity, research, outcomes and quality support in a professional, ethical and customer-oriented manner.



customer service
contracts monitored

Human Services (HS) Auditing works with HS departments to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by providing accurate, timely financial assistance to individuals and families in need in compliance with government requirements

  • Implemented a new management system to provide payments to eligible individuals and families in need of housing, food, transportation, job training and child care.
  • Transitioned to a new bank ensuring continuity of financial benefits to support over 30,000 eligible individuals and families.
Information, Technology and Support

Danny Tillman

The Information, Technology and Support Division integrates industry standards and best practices to support HS departments deliver services to customers.


  • Coordinated and managed all information technology and audio/visual equipment testing to assure 100% uptime for the three new Transitional Assistance Department offices.
  • Collaborated with the State to manage proactive text notifications to CalFresh customers.

  • Coordinate and manage website redesigns to provide relevant and timely information using a customer friendly approach.
Performance, Education & Resource Centers


students completed more than
273,000 hours of training

Trinka Landry-Bourne
Chief Learning Officer

The Performance, Education & Resource Centers (PERC) provides training and performance improvement resources, and career development and communication services. Training includes computer applications, supervision, management and leadership, organization and safety. PERC offers custom course development, facilitation and course administration and registration. Communications services include media relations, marketing, social media, videography and event planning.


  • Expand course offerings and use various multimedia platforms to supplement in person trainings to meet the growing needs of the County’s workforce.

David Quiroz
Administrative Manager

Human Services (HS) Personnel provides high quality customer service, ensuring departments have the staff needed to provide critical services to San Bernardino County residents. The division works to ensure employees receive prompt and accurate pay and benefits. Employees are also provided information, tools and training to better understand benefits, pay and opportunities for success.


  • Implemented Live-Scan Fingerprinting in the HS Personnel office, to quickly move employees from "Job Offer to Desk," streamlining the hiring process.

Lory Klopfer
Deputy Director

The Program Development Division (PDD) provides representation of Human Services (HS) departments at the state, county and local levels to shape the future of public service. PDD provides accurate and timely program and policy development to departments that offer opportunity and life-saving services to County residents.


  • Produced guidelines for delivering essential benefits and services to county residents.
  • Provided automated systems policy support for programs that provide public assistance; in-home services to the elderly, disabled or blind; and protect and strengthen children and their families.

Pete Mendoza
Division Chief

The Program Integrity Division (PID) services specific Human Services (HS) departments by providing quality assurance measures to promote safety, self-sufficiency and independence of county residents. PID’s specialized units ensure social services programs are administered fairly, equally and without system abuse.


  • Participated in and/or conducted numerous investigations, hearings and case reviews.

  • Improve communication to ensure accuracy of benefits, services and necessary case actions during case reviews.
  • Develop and facilitate workshops focusing on a proactive problem-solving approach to support administration and reduce negative outcomes.