The Preschool Services Department (PSD) administers the Federal Head Start, Early Head Start, Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership and State Preschool programs in 70 county locations. PSD has served San Bernardino County families for over 51 years. PSD’s goal is to continue to provide the highest quality of services to needy families. The department primarily serves low income and disadvantaged families with children from the ages of 0 to 5. This population includes children in foster care, those who are homeless and children with special needs and/or disabilities. Many of the children would have no access to preschool without PSD.

PSD ensures kindergarten readiness by providing web-based tools for teachers to assist them with capturing and analyzing assessment data; web-based literacy software to enhance children’s literacy attainment; streamlined processes for determining eligibility; and support from county and community partnerships under the banner of the Countywide Vision and the cradle to career initiative.

PSD enrolled 408 foster children, leading Head Start programs nationwide in enrollment of foster children. Of the children in full day preschool and identified as obese or overweight, PSD’s nutrition program helped to lower 75% of the children’s weight classification to the next lower level. PSD partnered with San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, First 5 San Bernardino, and Children’s Fund to purchase Footsteps2Brilliance, a literacy software program that allows students to enhance literacy skills. Nearly 4.5 million words were read by PSD children within the year.

PSD recruits fathers of at risk children to participate in fatherhood programs. The goal is to equip fathers to be more engaged in their children’s lives. In the county, 60 percent of children do not have their father’s involvement. Research shows this leads to poor academic performance, unemployment and a predisposition for criminal activity. This initiative will help improve academic performance and reduce crime in the county.

PSD plans to expand center-based services for Head Start and Early Head Start in the High Desert Community and Central Valley to serve additional children and families.

PSD is committed to increasing the number of parents/caregivers who complete high school diplomas or GEDs. Research indicates attaining high school diplomas or GEDs allows for better job opportunities, meets college pre-requisites, and increases the likelihood that children will also obtain diplomas. PSD will increase teacher effectiveness through professional development activities that will support skills attainment and standardized tools to measure teacher effectiveness.

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