San Bernardino County Volunteer Involvement Program
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Frequently Asked Questions 
Can I choose the program and location where I want to volunteer?
Yes, as long as there is a need.

Can I set my own hours?
Usually, yes. Many programs have the flexibility to tailor your schedule to meet your needs. However, some programs require a more structured schedule.

Am I required to volunteer a certain number of hours?
No. Most programs allow you the flexibility to set up a schedule that is most convenient for you. Occasionally, a volunteer position requires weeks of training and, in return, the department will ask for a minimum time commitment.

Will I receive training?
Yes. You will receive the training required to make your volunteer experience successful.

Can I volunteer in more than one program?
Yes. We encourage you to volunteer in multiple programs. For example, you may wish to volunteer on a continuing basis in one program, and also participate in another departmentís one-day event.

Can I use my volunteer experience on my resume, or applications?
Yes. Most prospective employers and educational institutions are very interested in your volunteer experience. Speak with your potential employer for confirmation.

Will my volunteer experience count toward job experience?
Usually yes, if your volunteer work is directly related to job tasks you are seeking. Speak with your potential employer for confirmation.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?
Browse the Volunteer Opportunities page to find a program and job that interests you. Call the contact person for that program to get started.