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This website has been established to provide Agencies, Contractors, and Service Providers, which exchange confidential information with the County of San Bernardino Human Services a resource for accessing/retrieving/reviewing:

  • Contractor Resources, Requirements & Training Materials
  • Federal and State Agreements

Federal and state requirements instruct that all persons accessing, maintaining, transmitting PII, be advised of the:

  • Confidentiality of the Information,
  • Safeguards required to protect the information, and
  • Civil and criminal sanctions for non-compliance contained in the applicable Federal and State laws.

On a yearly basis, all agencies/contractors must ensure their employees are trained on these federal/state requirements utilizing the HS Privacy and Security Training packet and forms.

For questions or to report an incident/breach contact Human Services Privacy and Security at: HSPrivacySecurityOfficer@hss.sbcounty.gov

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