Chicken Pox

What is chicken pox?


It is a common illness that usually lasts five to seven days with:


Itchy skin rash, which:



Although chicken pox is usually a mild illness, it can be dangerous for:



How does chicken pox spread?


It is very contagious and spreads by:



Once you have had chicken pox or have gotten the vaccine, you usually won't catch it again.


When is chicken pox contagious?



How do I know if my child has chicken pox?


By how the rash looks. Doctors usually advise not to bring the child to their offices because the illness could spread to others.


What should I do if my child has chicken pox?


Treatment: Follow your doctor's recommendations:



If your child or anyone at home has immune problems or is pregnant and has never had chicken pox, call your doctor immediately.


Keep your child home:


Until six days after the start of the rash or when all the lesions are scabbed over. Notify your Head Start program immediately.


To limit the spread:



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