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Provider Services

The Provider Services department includes customer service for providers in the following areas:

Paycheck Deductions

  1. Why is the Union taking dues out of my paycheck?

    The dues are calculated according to the hours you work. If you have specific questions regarding how the dues are applied, contact SEIU (888) 373-3018.

  2. Why is there a $5.00 Dental Insurance deduction?

    Your premium is $5.00. For more information on your dental coverage please contact SEIU at 1(888)373-3018.

  3. What is the $10.00 Health Insurance deduction?

    You will pay a premium of $10.00 per month automatically deducted from your paycheck but will not have deductions for Dental ($5.00). You will also be required to pay co-payments for many of the services you receive. For more information, please contact Select Benefits, Inc. (800) 497-3699.

  4. What is COPE deduction?

    COPE is an Education Political Action Fund. In IHSS Orientation, SEIU (union) passes a card out with two sections for signatures. One side is for the union (mandatory) and the other side is for COPE (voluntary).

  5. Social Security/MediCare (FICA)?

    If you are over 18 and NOT providing care for your child or spouse this is an automatic deduction for wages you earn over $1500 a year to have access to Social Security and Medicare, if you become totally disabled or retire after the age of 62. Contact the Social Security office at 800-772-1213 for more information.

  6. State Disability (SDI) benefits:

    This is an automatic deduction for you if your quarterly wages are over $750, UNLESS you are a child, parent or spouse of the recipient you work for.
    If you are a child, parent or spouse of the recipient you work for, you
    MUST request participation in the SDI program by completing an Elective SDI Coverage form and submitting it to your Social Worker.
    Call the EDD at 800-480-3287 for more information.

  7. Federal/State Income Tax:

    You must request that taxes be withheld by completing a W-4 Form and submitting it to your Social Worker. The state will determine your eligibility to have taxes withheld ONLY after you make the request. Even if you do NOT have taxes withheld, you will still have to pay and file taxes at the end of the year on your IHSS wages. Providers must be active in the payroll system for 90 days or more.

Health Benefits

This program is designed for a limited number of IHSS providers who are not eligible for Medi-Cal, Medicare, or other health insurance. Please select the link for additional information including Benefits FAQs.

The Individual Providers’ health benefits plan is contracted through Select Benefits which provides separate plans for Health, Dental, and Vision. Select Benefits, Inc. is the administrator and resource for membership and general questions regarding coverage for each plan.

Eligibility for health benefits is dependent upon individual providers meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • Paid timely for a minimum of 80 hours, two consecutive months. The Public Authority uses state payroll information to determine if this requirement is being met and it is up to the IP to ensure their timesheets are turned in on time each pay period.

  • Submit a completed health benefits application when invited to participate in the plan. It is important for IPs to keep their contact information updated with their Social Workers at In Home Supportive Services and clerks for the Public Authority if the IP is part of the Registry.

  • Agree by signature on the application to pay the monthly premium of $10/mo which is automatically deducted from the Individual Provider’s paycheck. If the IP receives advance pay, the amount will be billed on a monthly basis.
Note: The requirements listed above are subject to change following written notice to individual providers covered by the plan, as well as IPs on the waiting list. Please contact the Public Authority, 1-866-985-6322 (option 5, then 1) for any questions regarding eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who will provide the health services and where can I obtain care?

 Select Benefits, Inc,Western Dental and Avesis Vision.

How much will I have to pay for my health insurance benefits?

You will pay a premium of $10 per month automatically deducted from your paycheck but will not have deductions for Dental ($5.00).
You will also be required to pay co-payments for most of the services you receive.

Are my dependents (e.g., spouse and/or children) eligible for the health benefits plan offered by IHSS Public Authority, through Select Benefits?

No. The health benefit plan does not include dependents.

Where is my membership card?

Contact Select Benefits, Inc. if your card is missing, lost, or stolen.

What if I am eligible for Medi-Cal, MediCare or another health insurance?

IHSS providers with other health insurance coverage or who are eligible for coverage such as zero share-of-cost Medi-Cal, Medicare, Healthy Families or spousal coverage, individual, conversion or coverage under a Group Plan offering Domestic Partners are not eligible to enroll in the Health Plan.

What if my physician is not listed on the plan or I wish to change my current doctor?

Contact Select Benefits Inc. for more information about choosing a primary care physician at (800) 497-3699.

If I lose my eligibility, can I purchase continued coverage?

By law, at the time of your termination of coverage you will receive an initial notification, which explains your rights for continued coverage, which you will have to pay for, under COBRA. You will have 60 days to elect coverage with no lapse in coverage.

Where can I get more information about the benefits provided by the Plan?

For questions about: Call:
Customer Service 1-866-985-6322 (Press 5, then 1)
Membership & General Plan Info Select Benefits, INC

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