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Establish My Order through Stipulation

If a noncustodial parent and our office reach an agreement regarding the requests made in Summons & Complaints (such as the amount of the child support order); the non-custodial parent may sign an agreement called a “stipulation.”

Doing so can eliminate the need to appear in court.

By signing the stipulation, the non-custodial parent agrees that:

  • He or she is the parent of the child.
  • He or she is obligated to pay the amount of child support indicated and provide the health insurance stated in the stipulation.
  • The Court may enter an order or judgment based on the stipulation, without further notice.

Each non-custodial parent has the opportunity to meet with a caseworker prior to being served with a Summons & Complaint or attending a court hearing. During this meeting, the caseworker will discuss the non-custodial parent’s rights and responsibilities under the child support program and the possibility of agreeing to a stipulation. Non-custodial parents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the processing of their case and the establishment of their child support order.

To make an appointment with the Stipulations Team, click on this link:  Appointment Web Form