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If you are an employer, you play an important role in the child support program. In most cases, child support payments are collected via an Income Withholding Order (IWO). Our department will send an IWO requiring you to withhold the amount stated from your employee’s paycheck and forward those funds to the State Disbursement Unit. We may also send you a form known as the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN), which requires you to enroll your employee’s child in your company’s health insurance plan.

Payments should be sent to:
California State Disbursement Unit
P.O. Box 989067
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9067

You must honor the IWO as long as the employee remains employed. You are also required by law to respond to our requests for information about an employee’s salary. The fastest and easiest way for employers to receive and reply to Income Withholding Orders is by e-IWO. By utilizing the e-IWO (Electronic Income Withholding Order) process, employers can save time and money while reducing the potential for error which can be associated with manually processing paper documents.

Below is information which will be useful to you in your role as an employer.
    a. Report New Hire/Separation from Employment
    b. Electronic Income Withholding Orders (e-IWO)
    c. A Guide for Business
    d. Electronic Fund Transfer
    e. Employer Email Subscription
    f.  Employer's Handbook
    g. Employer General FAQs
    h. Employer Medical FAQs