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Child Protective Services

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Recognize the Warning Signs

Nervousness around adults
Aggression toward adults or other children
Sudden, dramatic changes in personality or activities
Frequent or unexplained bruises or injuries
Low self-esteem

If you see these signs in any children you know, offer your help.



About CFS
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Child Protective Services is dedicated to the protection of abused, neglected, and dependent children in San Bernardino County and the promotion of their well being. The most effective means of preserving every child's right to be raised in a safe, permanent family is through society's ability to assist and strengthen families. Children’s Services values and depends on the collaboration with community agencies and private citizens to protect our county's children. Working within its mission, Children's Protective Services respects the dignity, integrity and uniqueness of each family and adheres to the philosophy that intervention is warranted only when children are found to be at substantial risk. In instances where a child can be safely protected in his or her own home through the provision of services or other assistance to the child's family, such an alternative is preferable to foster care placement.

What do we do?

We provide family-centered programs and services designed to ensure safe, permanent, nurturing families for San Bernardino County’s children while strengthening and attempting to preserve the family unit. Child Protective Services help prevent further harm to children from intentional physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect by a person responsible for a child’s health or welfare. Our services provide support for families and strive towards goals of reducing risks to children, improving parenting skills, and strengthening social support networks for families.

In assuming this responsibility, we also try our best to preserve families. We prefer that a child remain at home while we provide services to stabilize the family. If a child cannot live safely at home, we first look for an appropriate relative to care for the child for as long as necessary. If a relative is not available, the child will go into foster care or other placement. In every case, the safety and well being of the child is our main concern.

How does Children’s Services accomplish this?

Social services staff accomplishes all these services through:

  • Assessing suspected cases of abuse and neglect

  • Assisting the family in diagnosing the problem

  • Providing supportive services to help children stay at home with their families

  • Coordinating community and agency services for the family

  • Petitioning the court for removal of the child, if necessary

  • Providing public information about child abuse, neglect, and dependency








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