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Child Protective Services

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Recognize the Warning Signs

Nervousness around adults
Aggression toward adults or other children
Sudden, dramatic changes in personality or activities
Frequent or unexplained bruises or injuries
Low self-esteem

If you see these signs in any children you know, offer your help.




Kinship Support Services Program

The Kinship Support Services Program helps strengthen families of individuals who are raising children of their extended family by providing them with information, community resources, education, and other services relating to their needs. Through kinship placements, families are maintained, traditions are upheld, children move less and experience fewer behavioral, educational and/or health problems. KSSP is dedicated to provide the support that relative caregivers and the children in their care need to be in a safe and stable environment and remain connected to their families.

Kinship Services

  • Support Groups

  • Information/Referral to legal services, health care, tutoring, other

  • Recreational Activities

  • Day Care (for Kinship-related activities)

  • Respite

  • Transportation to/from kinship-related activities *

  • Individual/Group Counseling

    * Van is not handicapped accessible


Program Structure

Kinship Support Services Program is a collaborative between the Department of Children and Family Services (CFS) and Central City Lutheran Mission, The program goals were established by the California State Department of Social Services and CFS’s Kinship Advisory Council.

The Kinship Advisory Council is comprised if relative caregivers, representatives from children’s services, adult and aging services, community college district, county and city schools and community/faith based organizations.
The members share a common interest in issues confronting kin-caregivers and the children in their care.

Program Eligibility

  • Relatives who are legal guardians of kin-children

  • Relatives who adopt kin-children

  • Relatives who have kin-children on a voluntary/informal basis

  • Relatives who have kin-children placed with them by the Department of Children and Family Services

For information please call: 383-9665

For information in the San Bernardino area please call:
Kinship Family Center
5050 North Sierra Way
San Bernardino, CA 92404
Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM

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