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Recognize the Warning Signs

Nervousness around adults
Aggression toward adults or other children
Sudden, dramatic changes in personality or activities
Frequent or unexplained bruises or injuries
Low self-esteem

If you see these signs in any children you know, offer your help.



Independent Living Program

What is the Independent Living Program?

ILP is a federal and state funded, nationwide program designed to provide basic life skills, career exploration and job readiness preparation for foster teens. In this program, the eligible teens (16-21 years of age) will learn skills to prepare them to transition to adulthood and living on their own.

Some of the ILP services currently available are:

  • Workshops

  • Scholarship and other financial assistance

  • Training and education programs

  • Counseling & Employment Training

  • One day workshops on specific topics

  • Ten week "hard and soft skill" classes

  • Year end retreats

  • Foster teen conference

  • After Care Program

  • Self paced workbooks and other individual plans

  • Tutoring

  • Scholarships

  • Drivers Training

What are the benefits of participating in ILP?

Financial incentives are given for most classes or workshop participation. Incentives include, but are not limited to: Up to $10.00 per class, $25.00 for one-day workshops or $50.00 for all day event.

  • Scholarships for college tuition.

  • Scholarships for vocational training to obtain a license or certificate in a trade.

  • High school graduation rewards.

  • Help with work related expenses; (uniforms, shoes, tools, bus tickets, etc.).

  • Networking with other foster teens.

  • Newsletter.

  • Resource Directory for teens.

  • Tutoring.

  • Drivers Training.

  • ID packet - birth certificate, social security card, DMV card, health history, placement history.

  • After Care Services.

  • Exit package (includes household start-up supplies).

Extended Medi-cal benefits
Most former foster youth are eligible for full Medi-Cal benefits until their 21st birthday. The initial enrollment process is automatic for qualifying youth; however, renewal of Extended Medi-Cal benefits is not automatic and requires annual eligibility renewal with the youth verifying the following:

  • The youth's consent to continue with Medi-Cal services.
  • The youth's current address.
  • The existence of any other medical insurance (i.e. through employment etc.).
  • Laminated "Extended Medi-Cal Benefit" informational cards are available and must be distributed by the ILP social worker to all qualified youth before case dismissal

Specific questions regarding this new benefit can be directed to the Rancho Cucamonga Foster Care unit 1-888-743-1474.

Who do I call for more information?

ILP Coordinator (909) 891-3559
Rancho ILP Social Worker (909) 945-3913(909) 945-3914
San Bernardino ILP Social Worker (909) 383-2136
Desert ILP Social Worker (760) 843-4201
Probation ILP Coordinator (909) 383-2907


San Bernardino
(909) 386-1394

(760) 843-2774

Rancho Cucamonga
(909) 945-3931

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