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Request for Review Frequently Asked Questions

Your child support order will be reviewed to determine if the child support amount should be changed.

This action is a result of a request either from you, from the other parent, or from the Department of Child Support Services.

The documents and forms you received from our office must be completed and returned promptly in order to begin the review process. To assist you in the completion of the forms, we have provided frequently asked questions regarding the Request for Review form and the Review and Adjustment process:

 Is the Request for Review form and the Income and Expense Declaration all I need to complete and submit?
Yes, these are the only two documents you will be required to complete; however, prior to starting any court action and in order to fairly determine your obligation, you must provide certain information.

Please submit the following information with your Request for Review and Income and Expense Declaration forms.
  • Three most recent paycheck stubs
  • All W-2s showing last year’s wages
  • Your State and Federal tax return for last year’s income
  • If you are receiving Unemployment, Social Security Benefits, or other types of governmental assistance, please
        attach a copy of your grant letter or 3 recent stubs showing the benefit amount
  • If you have child care expenses for the child(ren) involved, please provide payment receipts

  •  What if I decide not to complete the forms or turn in any of the requested information?
    It would be in your best interest to return the enclosed documents and the information requested. If the requested information is not returned to us, we are required to set your child support obligation by assuming what your income is. If you are the party initiating the review of your child support order, you must submit a Request for Review form and Income and Expense Declaration; failure to do so will result in termination of the review. Please be aware that your court ordered child support amount could go up, down or remain the same depending on the information received.

     What is the Review and Adjustment process?
    The judicial Review and Adjustment process is the process by which a court order is reviewed by looking at both parents’ current financial and visitation situation to determine if the current child support order is appropriate. If the order is not appropriate and the child support amount should be changed, our office will notify both parties of the findings and proposed new child support amount and proceed with filing a Notice of Motion and set a court date. Both parties will then receive a notice to appear in court for a hearing at which time your order will be reviewed by a judge. Based on the information you provide us, the judge will determine the appropriate child support amount.

     Can DCSS establish an order if I don't know where the parent is working?
    DCSS will still pursue establishment of a court order. The non-custodial parent will still need to be served with appropriate legal action to obtain an order.

     Does the Department of Child Support Services represent me in court?
    We provide services on behalf of San Bernardino County. We do not represent you or the other parent or the child and we cannot provide legal advice. You may contact a private attorney at any time if you wish to have legal representation in the court (or judicial) process.