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Escrow Corner

You play an important part in the collection of child support owed to the children of this county. Without your cooperation, many children would not receive much needed funds.

A lien is filed against the real property interest of any person who owes a child support obligation enforced by a local child support agency. A real property lien prevents an obligor from selling, transferring, or refinancing real property owned in the county where the lien is recorded until the lien is satisfied.

In order to obtain a Release of Judgment Lien, the escrow or title company must send us a written request for a demand for payment. We will determine how much is needed to release the lien. Once the amount demanded is paid in full, a lien release will be provided to the title company or the obligor to be recorded.

To help expedite the process, please submit the following form and attach copies of the abstracts for review:

Click here to go to Escrow Inquiry Form

All requests will be worked within 15 business days. All responses will be mailed unless otherwise requested on the submitted form. If you believe that the child support lien has been placed in error, please contact the Demand Help Desk as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns about the escrow process the Demand Help Desk is available to assist you at (866) 901-3212

Escrow information should be sent by fax assembly, please use the number (909) 799-4953.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Please send all Escrow Payments to:

San Bernardino Child Support Services
10417 Mountain View Ave
Loma Linda, CA 92454

Please include the Obligor's:

  • Social Security Number
  • Child Support Account Number
  • County that issued the demand
  • For more answers, visit: Escrow FAQs