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Get Genetic Testing

If you are not certain you are the father of the child named in a child support case and if paternity is not already legally established by order or a Declaration of Paternity, you can arrange for genetic testing at your local child support office at no cost to the tested man.

Paternity is determined based on the presence of inherited genetic traits (“markers”), which are passed from parent to child. For each genetic test, the genetic markers occur in pairs. One marker (for each pair) comes from the mother (maternal marker), and the other one comes from the father (paternal marker). Testing of mother and child enables scientists to determine the markers contributed by the father. The tested man’s markers are compared with the mother’s and child’s markers.

If the tested man does not have the paternal markers, he can be excluded (eliminated) as the father. If the tested man has the paternal markers, strong evidence exists to conclude that he is the father.

To make an appointment for a genetic test, you may call the Department of Child Support Services at (866) 901-3212.