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Public Assistance and Child Support FAQs

 If I am on CalWORKS, will I receive child support payments?
Each month, in which a child support payment is made, a notice is mailed showing how much money the non-custodial parent paid. Each month, the first $50 of current child support is paid to you. The remainder goes to reimburse the county for benefits you received. If there is any money leftover, it is used to pay any past-due child support.

 If DCSS cannot find the missing parent(s), can I still get CalWORKS or Medi-Cal benefits?
Yes. If you are eligible and cooperate with DCSS, you can receive CalWORKS or Medi-Cal benefits while DCSS tries to find the parent(s).

 My children are receiving public assistance of almost $500 per month. Will I be asked to pay this back?
No. A child support obligation is based on both parents' ability to earn and is not influenced by the amount of aid paid out.