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Payment Information FAQs

 How can I check my account and payment information?
Account and payment information can be obtained online from the Customer Connect self-service website by clicking on this link or by contacting our office. Please have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or case number ready for faster service.

 Can I specify how my child support payments are applied?
DCSS must follow State regulations when allocating child support. Parents will not have the authority to decide how child support is paid.

 How will my employer know how much money to take out of my paycheck to pay my child support?
After the court decides the amount of child support, a wage assignment is mailed to your employer with instructions on how much to deduct and where to send the payment.

 How can I get a list of previously made payments?
You can call the toll-free automated phone system, (866) 901-3212, to check the status of your last 10 payments or click here to access this information on-line using the Customer Connect self-service website. For a written record of all payments contact the office by calling (866) 901-3212 and request a payment history

 I am the parent paying child support. If I lose my job, do I still have to pay?
Yes, but call DCSS right away. Ask them to review your case. The court can modify the child support order if you lost your job through no fault of your own.

 I am the parent paying child support, but my child lives with me now. Do I still have to pay?
Yes, you are obligated to pay until the court changes your child support order. When there is a change in visitation or custody of the child, you may contact your caseworker to have your order reviewed for a modification or you can file a motion for modification with the court requesting a change in the child support order. You may also request modification assistance from the Family Law Facilitator or DCSS. You may be able to reduce child support or begin receiving child support from the other parent.

 I have been paying my child support directly to the custodial parent in cash. Now he/she says I haven't paid him/her. What can I do?
Contact DCSS to determine if you can be given credit for those payment and what evidence you will need to produce.

 I have always paid my child support. Now your office wants to put me on a wage assignment. Why?
It's the law. The Family Support Act of 1988 requires that all court orders for child support include a wage assignment.

 What happens to the child support collected from me?
Federal regulations strictly govern the accounting and distribution of money that is collected through the child support enforcement program. If the family does not and has never received public assistance, the child support collected every month (and any payments to be credited against back child support owed) are distributed directly to the custodial parent. If the family is receiving public assistance, the child support collected every month is sent to welfare to offset the costs of the benefits.