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2015-16 Annual Report
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2014-15 Annual Reort








Awarding Employees for Dedicated Service!


Everyday Employees…Extraordinary Work

The following employees received service pins at the March 30, 2010 presentation. Each employee has served the County for 20 years or more.

We extend our congratulations to the following Human Services employees:



Not Shown: Andrea A. Portsche, ARMC; Debra D. Hoffman, ARMC; Roy Copple, PDD

Left to right, front: Irene Aldeen, TAD; Elizabeth Rodriguez-Gandara, DAAS; Denise Tillman, DCSS

Left to right, back: Susan Palmer, CFS; Jeanette Charles, PID; Kitty Benvenisti, DPH

Not Shown:
Carolyn Houston, TAD; Christine A. Fakhreddine, ARMC; Leona Fay Fowler, ARMC; Mary Peluffo, DPH; Regina Owens, DBH; Sandy Bocanegra, ARMC; Theresa Bruington, DPH




Front Row: Tamara Stevenson, DPH; Longina Shaw, DAAS

Back Row: Debora Leuer, DPH; Elaine Knick, PID

Not Shown: Denise Cox, ARMC; Eugene Carlson, DBH; George Fantocone, TAD; James Hollis, CFS; Josephine Ulloa, TAD; Michelle Luethold, ARMC; Ramona Fox, ARMC; Suzanne Redden, DPH



Front Row: Sandra Miller, DAAS; Arlene Mendoza-Collins, DCSS; Mary Noriega, CFS; Dora Diaz, ARMC; Tracy Woods, DPH

Back Row: La’Shawn Sifuentes, CFS; Jean Texera, CFS; Holly Sterner, TAD



Front Row: Daniella McLlvain, ITSD; Karen Heater, ARMC; Robert Sudol, DBH

Middle: Nancy Cates, TAD; Judy Kay Riesgo, PID; Melinda Ancrum, DBH

Back: Constance Green, TAD; Leola Vaughn-Makona, CFS




Front Row: Julia Perez, DBH; Theresa Bolton, DAAS

Back: Velma Broussard, CFS; Tammy Johnson, TAD; Suzanne Cinowalt, DPH;
Fanuel Chinouyazve, CFS

Not Shown: Beverly Green, CFS; Cecile T. Roberson, ARMC; Christian Nwadike, DPH
Donald Boon, ARMC; Donna Conway, CFS; Jeffrey Radebaugh, ARMC; Joe Ulloa, ARMC; John Babalola, DPH; Josie Flores, ARMC; Margot Varden, DBH; Maris Wooden, TAD; Martha Dealba, TAD; Mary Anderson, TAD; Ooilan Ng, ASD; Sandra Ramirez, DCSS; Stewart Hunter, DPH; Teofredo C. Estrosos, ARMC; Vivian Croox, ARMC



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