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2015-16 Annual Report
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2014-15 Annual Reort







Awarding Employees for Excellence!


“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”
-- Calvin Coolidge

Providing quality service is at the heart of San Bernardino County ‘s mission. Each day, thousands of County employees work to deliver exceptional customer service to the citizens of this community.

The County respects and values the immeasurable contributions provided by our employees. We honor these everyday people performing extraordinary work through several recognition programs. Recognition is one of the most significant means of supporting the mission, vision and values of San Bernardino County and Human Services System.

Public Service Recognition– Public Service Recognition Week is a nationwide
celebration honoring the women and men who. . . [More]

Employee of the Month – The Employee of the Month program provides a formal acknowledgement of the contributions of . . . [More]

Service Pins – Each quarter the County of San Bernardino recognizes employees . . . [More]

Suggestion Award Winners – Suggestion awards are presented to employees who submit innovative cost saving ideas . . . [More]

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