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2015-16 Annual Report
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2014-15 Annual Reort









  Knowing who to contact for government services can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many services to choose from. There are unfamiliar terms and department names. How does a person determine if the service is county or city? How does a person know where to begin to get needed information?

We in the Human Services (HS) Community Relations Office are here to help the citizens of San Bernardino County, as well as those outside the county, find the people and services they need. We are the link between HS and the various publics. Quite often, we are the first contact people make in their quest for information and assistance.

In addition to being a liaison between HS and members of the public – including San Bernardino County employees – the Community Relations Office is the source of numerous helpful communication resources. Many can be found on this website, including:

  • Press releases regarding the various HS departments
  • Publications such as the HS Annual Report and the HS Pocket Guide
  • The HS Connection quarterly newsletter
  • A calendar of upcoming HS events
  • Articles on HS employees, recognized for their outstanding service.

We are also available to consult with any of our departments who may need assistance. Internal communication services include:

  • Assistance with event planning
  • Creation of press releases and Public Service Announcements
  • Assistance with marketing materials
The Human Services departments we serve are: Aging and Adult Services, Behavioral Health , Child Support Services, Children’s Network, Children’s Services, Preschool Services, Public Health, Transitional Assistance and Veterans Affairs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or are seeking information regarding any of the County’s services. Just click on the following link:


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